Bold & Beautiful


There’s no rule that you only have to wear one statement item. Sometimes more is more. So I was feeling bold in this mono print coat along with my heavy wrist wear. I chose the structured brick background because it reflected the brick-like print on my coat. The monochromatic print and the rigid structure of my coat contrasted well with the brown and red tones of the brick behind me – but I’m not hear to talk about photography.

I need to make a separate mention for my Elixir The Label Epiphany Cuff that weighs down my wrist. I cannot explain how lucky I am to have one this amazing piece along with the High Stride Necklace from an Instagram competition from Melbourne bloggers Jess and Steph Daddon of How Two Live. I have been lusting over anything Elixir for months and months now. The price tag however doesn’t fall under the regular student budget. Someone out there has definitely answered my prayers! So a massive thank you is needed for How Two Live and Save The Last Pinker (stockists).

Also a birthday shout out to my amazing boyfriend. I love you, and I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Round one down, and two rounds this weekend to go!



Bardot    Singlet

Nasty Gal Jeans

Elixir Cuff

Zu Boots

Forever New Tote


Sport Luxe Part II


I am absolute loving the ‘Sport Luxe’ look this season. T-shirts, jeans and joggers teamed with heels and accessorized seems to be a common theme among my outfits these past winter months. Possibly to do with the fact that in the cold weather all I want is comfort. Also, I like to look deceivingly athletic despite to create the illusion that I actually do have some muscle definition. All my purchases these past couple of weeks has helped to create this illusion; my favourite being leather joggers and a mint green tank top that makes me appear to have well defined abs. Can’t complain. So when I saw this jersey inspired oversized tee online I knew it would make the perfect addition to my newly ‘athletic’ wardrobe.

Another thing I love about this trend is that it reads ‘oh really this old thing? It’s just something I threw on’ but you know you secretly tried to look this good. No one has to know.

IMG_1275 IMG_1279 IMG_1283 IMG_1286 IMG_1292

Romwe T-Shirt

Wrangler Jeans

Tony Bianco Boots (On Sale!!!)

Forever New Tote

Rubi Sunglasses

Assorted Rings

Feeling Oriental


Today there was the slightest ray of sunshine during the winter months so I thought I would go for a more summery look today – somewhat wishful thinking since it was still freezing outside.

I haven’t pulled out this Kimono from my wardrobe until today. I was always so afraid of wearing it because it looked so much like a oriental bed robe. But I remembered that’s what I loved about the piece originally. It’s the prefect accessory to dress up any plain t-shirt and jeans outfit. And with the wind blowing, as the cape flew up my back, it sure created a statement. With only basics to accompany it, I wanted to let the kimono be the shining element.

IMG_1238 IMG_1242 IMG_1253 IMG_1265

Pink Stitch Kimono

Bardot Jeans

Portmans Basic Top

Portmans Waist Belt

Tony Bianco Platforms (similar here)

Hermes Inspired Cuff (eBay)

The Pros of Retail


Today was the first day at my new job…in retail! I have been working in the hospitality industry for nearly 5 years – I was definitely due for a change. From cinemas, to juice, bars, restaurants and cafes to Bardot. I was a regular customer there, so being able to buy their clothes discounted and then claim on tax is perfect for me! I never really realised how dangerous it si to work in retail (regarding my hip pocket). When I am putting stock away, I am just hunting for my next purchase. And the list is getting increasingly long.

Today was my first day and I went for a more sporty look. These leather joggers were the best buy. They’re so comfortable, I feel like I’m wearing sweats. That was negated however by the shoes. I know I have worm them three posts in a row; but what can I say, I’m in love. And to get this look shop at Bardot! (not advertising, I’m just really excited about this new job). The change from black uniforms to basically the outfit of my choice is so liberating. I don’t know why I didn’t make the transition sooner.

IMG_1193 IMG_1194 IMG_1200 IMG_1201

Bardot Singlet

Bardot Leather Joggers

Deena & Ozzy Heels

Lovisa Chain

Armani Exchange Watch

Assorted Rings



Today was another lazy day for me. I have to say I’m enjoying my time off, but I do miss being busy. To reflect my current mood I went for a super compfy outfit for today: boyfriend jeans and an oversized boys tee. Of course I needed to bling it up with a statement necklace and some cool shoes. I actually made the necklace myself – inspired by the Kids necklace in my “New Kids On The Block” post. They don’t stock the colour I requested so I decided to make my own. I loved the whole process, however simple it was. But it got me thinking about future DIY jewelry designs. I am feeling a little inspired. I was even looking up jewerly design and construction courses. Now that I have time off for the next month or so it would be the perfect opportunity. I guess we shall see….

IMG_1149 IMG_1159 IMG_1153 IMG_1185

Thifted Boyfriend Jeans

Cotton On Mens T-Shirt

Deena & Ozzy Heels

Colette Hayman Bag

DIY Necklace

Winter Warmer


There’s nothing more essential in a winter wardrobe than an oversized knit. I’ve taken a bit of inspiration from Aimee Song of Song of Style’s layering look: teaming a tartan shirt with a ribbed sweater. It’s also a great way to keep extra warm this winter.

Also, my Deena & Ozzy beauties finally arrived last week, and I am excited to parade them around. I was so hesitant to purchase them – sitting in my shopping bad for two weeks – but I’m glad I made the plunge.

IMG_1072 IMG_1096 IMG_1116 IMG_1121

Boutique Oversized Knit

Cotton On Shirt

Wrangler Jeans

Deena & Ozzy Heels

Armani Exchange Watch

Claw Bangle from eBay

Assorted Rings

Feeding A Small Army


A couple of nights ago my parents took me out to dinner to get me out of the house during my exam studies. I had been under so much pressure that a shouted calorie fest was just what I needed. Plus, I really needed to get out of my Addidas track pants and oversized soccer t-shirt.

Going to the restaurant with very empty stomachs, we did order one entree between us and a main each. Little did we know the portion size of each main was enough to feed three people. Just as the title suggests it was enough to feed a small army. But being an Italian family we were up for the challenge. Lucky my pants were loose.

Also, I am probably so behind but I am totally loving these Hermes cuffs that are on trend right now. I had seen a lot in black or white, but as soon as I saw an orange and gold I knew I had to get it. I probably have a little bit of an obsession with orange at the moment. I am currently hunting for an orange tassel necklace. The one I posted in my previous post seems to be a winner.

P.S. I feel bad that I waited over a week to do an outfit post, but exams have been a massive suck of time. But now I’m finished and hopefully updating outfits everyday.

IMG_1031 IMG_1038 IMG_1048 IMG_1041

Topshop Pants

Stussy Tank (similar here)

Vintage Leather Jacket

Hermes Inspired Cuff

Sportsgirl Sunglasses

Kouture Wedges