The Pros of Retail


Today was the first day at my new job…in retail! I have been working in the hospitality industry for nearly 5 years – I was definitely due for a change. From cinemas, to juice, bars, restaurants and cafes to Bardot. I was a regular customer there, so being able to buy their clothes discounted and then claim on tax is perfect for me! I never really realised how dangerous it si to work in retail (regarding my hip pocket). When I am putting stock away, I am just hunting for my next purchase. And the list is getting increasingly long.

Today was my first day and I went for a more sporty look. These leather joggers were the best buy. They’re so comfortable, I feel like I’m wearing sweats. That was negated however by the shoes. I know I have worm them three posts in a row; but what can I say, I’m in love. And to get this look shop at Bardot! (not advertising, I’m just really excited about this new job). The change from black uniforms to basically the outfit of my choice is so liberating. I don’t know why I didn’t make the transition sooner.

IMG_1193 IMG_1194 IMG_1200 IMG_1201

Bardot Singlet

Bardot Leather Joggers

Deena & Ozzy Heels

Lovisa Chain

Armani Exchange Watch

Assorted Rings


New KIDS On The Block


I love jewelry and what girl doesn’t. However life as a teenage student with a part time job in hospitality does have its limitations when purchasing jewelry. I would love to sport a Dylanlex neck piece or the super chic Cartier bangles, but alas, $15 an hour doesn’t get me that far. I love statement jewelry, especially when it is made with unusual materials: like a neon tassel or rope. The right statement piece of jewelry, a necklace in particular, can give transform an outfit. It can give luxe to a bohemian look, bring a pop of colour to a monochromatic outfit, or bring an old tee (found in the back of the closet) to life. And now I have finally found what combines with love for out there, statement pieces and my tiny sized coin purse. Meet Kids.

This custom made jewelry store based in Australia has an amazing supply of necklaces and bracelets for anyone’s taste. From fun and quirky neon tassels to chunky metallic, they have it all. Going from as low as the $9 Jangles bracelet reaching a peak price of only a $35 necklace; what’s not to love. Also, the fact they are Australian is even more exciting. I love being able to support Australian brands; especially since they’re not usually as internationally recognized.

Here is a preview of my current wishlist.


1. Xena Necklace – Silver

2. Neon Nights – Orange & Yellow

3. Musketeers Chocker – Neon Orange

4. Seafoam Chocker – Black

How Two Live: Embossed Jacket


Today it was absolutely freezing! And with the new jacket additions from the How Two Live sale now sitting in my wardrobe, it was the perfect opportunity to pull out this number. I have been looking endlessly for a textured bomber jacket these past couple of months. The hardest part wasn’t finding one I liked, but finding one that suited a students’ price range. I have eyed this Sportsgirl one for a while, but I never bought it; I think because it was a bit beyond my budget at the time. So you can imagine my excitement to see it on the HTL sale rack for $60 which was less than half the sale price. I literally ran up to it and ripped it off the rack. When I went to the change room another girl kept commenting on how nice it was; I told her I was definitely going to buy it since she kept following me around, I’m assuming hoping I would put it back. This jacket is so perfect for cold weather like today. It is quite thick, without looking overly bulky. Also, it’s perfect for days at uni because it is so comfortable, like a sports top, but looks quite chic – especially since its the faux leather is embossed with a kind of paisley pattern.

I am really like the white-on-white look these days; it has come up a few times in my recent blog posts. This jacket is perfect for this trend because of its ‘off-white’ colour, making a nice contrast to the starkness of pure white. Going with the white theme I decided to wear the few white accessories I have and paint my nails white: more out of procrastination than to compliment my outfit. I think I went a little overboard with the all-white nails. I think I’ll stick to a traditional french manicure. Also, I love the paisley the paisley with my scarf and jacket! It was planned though.

I hope everyone around the world is enjoying the summer months as opposed to the disgusting winter cold were experiencing here. I was so cold today, my face was in physical pain!

IMG_0646 IMG_0650 IMG_0655IMG_0614

Sportsgirl Bomber Jacket

  Wrangler Jeans

Portmans Basic Top

Florence Market Scarf

Joanne Mercer Boots

Sportsgirl Clutch

Iron Ore Necklace (gifted)

Armani Exchange Watch


Interview & Free Coffee



Today I had my interview, on Lygon st. I feel like I live there now between all the times I’ve been there with my boyfriend and uni friends in the past month…they’re probably starting to recognize me. They kept the interview very casual, taking me to Brunettis, a popular Italian cafe. It really helped my nerves to be able to hold onto a coffee cup instead of fidget nervously with my hands; and who can argue with a free coffee. I think it went well, but they said I’ll know by next week sometime. So fingers crossed, and I’ll keep you posted!

I met up with my boyfriend afterwards and we went to the same cafe as in my previous post…and got the same dish. I told you we couldn’t wait long. I didn’t want to look so formal when I met up with my boyfriend so I packed a cute cropped knit to wear with my skirt to make it more casual. It’s amazing what a difference one item of clothing can change your outfit. I didn’t end up taking a photo of my outfit with the blazer because I was too nervous to think about an outfit post at that stage. But here is a photo of my blazer, how lovely is it!


It gives such a grand statement compared to the traditional black blazer. People should not be afraid to stray from black blazers, especially in the workplace. A blazer, whether it be royal blue or neon green or floral print, will always give a sense of class and sophistication to any outfit.

Here’s some blazers im coveting at the moment; which can all be purchased here at The Iconic:

Sass-%26-Bide-Two-Dimensions-Jacket-6035-30199-1-zoom Stylestalker-Galactica-Blazer-1698-30449-1-zoom Finders-Keepers-Remember-A-Day-Jacket-5182-63149-1-zoom Pink-Stitch-Straighty-Jacket-4999-38329-1-zoom

Sass & Bide Two Dimensions Jacket; Style Stalker Galactica Jacket; Finders Keepers Remember A Day Jacket; Pink Stitch Straighty Jacket

059 067 060

H&M Crop Knit

Bardot Skirt

Wittner Boots

Equip Necklace

(Audrey Blazer from Nasty Gal)

Lygon Lunch


I went job hunting along Lygon Street today because I heard a couple of retailers were hiring and I jumped at the opportunity! I even have an interview on Monday so fingers crossed. My boyfriend conveniently had his lunch break from uni as I was there, so we decided to meet up for lunch at one of our favourite cafes. Both being Italian, we have a big appreciation for the antipasto meats, cheese and breads. So we decided to get an antipasti from D.O.C. and it was incredible! It tasted so authentic. It was like having lunch at my Nonna’s house. Note my boyfriend’s face when the plate arrived; he was in food heaven.We are definitely coming back regularly, and if I get the job on Lygon Street I know where I’ll be spending my lunch break.

I can’t believe I haven’t done an outfit post wearing this parka. It is probably my favourite winter piece in my wardrobe. It’s so versatile and I wear it all the time. If you’re interested in purchasing it head over to Market HQ. Believe me you won’t regret it. I have been wearing in consistently since I bought it about a year ago and it is forever borrowed by my envious sister.

My Wittner Boots also made their debut today. They’re very comfortable thanks to the platform and thicker heel. I’m so glad I finally found a staple winter boot. And the studded toes suit my style perfectly.


Market HQ Parka

Wittner Boots

American Apparel Crop Top

Equip Necklace

Nasty Gal Jeans

Sportsgirl Handbag

Family lunch


I went to my family friends’ house for homemade pizzas today – a way to serenade the new pizza oven. My favourite was the prosciutto, rocket and buffalo mozzarella, and the sliced fig and ricotta pizza – which I originally thought would be disgusting but now I have a new likeness for fruit on pizza…

I couldn’t find the right necklace to go with this outfit so I took the handle off my sisters handbag and linked the ends together. I think the important thing about fashion is being open minded about your clothing, and not afraid of experimenting. This seems to be the running theme with the pizza and outfit…


Ziggy Slime Green Sticks and Bones Jeans

Supre Black Shoe String Tank

Finders Keepers Gold Mesh Top

Joanne Mercer Leather and Metal Sandals

Collette Leather Bag Chain (as necklace)