Bold & Beautiful


There’s no rule that you only have to wear one statement item. Sometimes more is more. So I was feeling bold in this mono print coat along with my heavy wrist wear. I chose the structured brick background because it reflected the brick-like print on my coat. The monochromatic print and the rigid structure of my coat contrasted well with the brown and red tones of the brick behind me – but I’m not hear to talk about photography.

I need to make a separate mention for my Elixir The Label Epiphany Cuff that weighs down my wrist. I cannot explain how lucky I am to have one this amazing piece along with the High Stride Necklace from an Instagram competition from Melbourne bloggers Jess and Steph Daddon of How Two Live. I have been lusting over anything Elixir for months and months now. The price tag however doesn’t fall under the regular student budget. Someone out there has definitely answered my prayers! So a massive thank you is needed for How Two Live and Save The Last Pinker (stockists).

Also a birthday shout out to my amazing boyfriend. I love you, and I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Round one down, and two rounds this weekend to go!



Bardot    Singlet

Nasty Gal Jeans

Elixir Cuff

Zu Boots

Forever New Tote


What Is Accounting?


With an accounting exam coming up in the next few days you would think I would be home locked in my room in my animal onesie, hitting the books at a desk filled with books, papers, empty cups of coffee and chocolate wrappers. Well, that’s not the case. I tried that for the first couple of days of the study period, but I decided I would head out for a day with my sister instead. I just got this awesome dungaree in the mail, so I needed to christen it by going out.

Today’s choice was Cafe Tre Fontane in Ivanhoe. Unseen to the naked eye, but this hidden treasure makes one of the most decadent hot chocolate I have ever experienced. I was super careful to not get my stark white outfit dirty, which resulted in some pretty awkward sitting positions.

Also, I finally got a new bag. It was about time. I was even getting sick of taking photos with the blue Basque bag…IMG_0921

IMG_0930 IMG_0932

Boohoo White Dungaree (black here)

Alpha 60 T-Shirt (got bored one day and cut the sleeves off)

New Look Moto Jacket

Forever New Tote

Topshop Sneakers

Lovisa Chain

Armani Exchange Watch