Sport Luxe Part II


I am absolute loving the ‘Sport Luxe’ look this season. T-shirts, jeans and joggers teamed with heels and accessorized seems to be a common theme among my outfits these past winter months. Possibly to do with the fact that in the cold weather all I want is comfort. Also, I like to look deceivingly athletic despite to create the illusion that I actually do have some muscle definition. All my purchases these past couple of weeks has helped to create this illusion; my favourite being leather joggers and a mint green tank top that makes me appear to have well defined abs. Can’t complain. So when I saw this jersey inspired oversized tee online I knew it would make the perfect addition to my newly ‘athletic’ wardrobe.

Another thing I love about this trend is that it reads ‘oh really this old thing? It’s just something I threw on’ but you know you secretly tried to look this good. No one has to know.

IMG_1275 IMG_1279 IMG_1283 IMG_1286 IMG_1292

Romwe T-Shirt

Wrangler Jeans

Tony Bianco Boots (On Sale!!!)

Forever New Tote

Rubi Sunglasses

Assorted Rings


The Pros of Retail


Today was the first day at my new job…in retail! I have been working in the hospitality industry for nearly 5 years – I was definitely due for a change. From cinemas, to juice, bars, restaurants and cafes to Bardot. I was a regular customer there, so being able to buy their clothes discounted and then claim on tax is perfect for me! I never really realised how dangerous it si to work in retail (regarding my hip pocket). When I am putting stock away, I am just hunting for my next purchase. And the list is getting increasingly long.

Today was my first day and I went for a more sporty look. These leather joggers were the best buy. They’re so comfortable, I feel like I’m wearing sweats. That was negated however by the shoes. I know I have worm them three posts in a row; but what can I say, I’m in love. And to get this look shop at Bardot! (not advertising, I’m just really excited about this new job). The change from black uniforms to basically the outfit of my choice is so liberating. I don’t know why I didn’t make the transition sooner.

IMG_1193 IMG_1194 IMG_1200 IMG_1201

Bardot Singlet

Bardot Leather Joggers

Deena & Ozzy Heels

Lovisa Chain

Armani Exchange Watch

Assorted Rings

What Is Accounting?


With an accounting exam coming up in the next few days you would think I would be home locked in my room in my animal onesie, hitting the books at a desk filled with books, papers, empty cups of coffee and chocolate wrappers. Well, that’s not the case. I tried that for the first couple of days of the study period, but I decided I would head out for a day with my sister instead. I just got this awesome dungaree in the mail, so I needed to christen it by going out.

Today’s choice was Cafe Tre Fontane in Ivanhoe. Unseen to the naked eye, but this hidden treasure makes one of the most decadent hot chocolate I have ever experienced. I was super careful to not get my stark white outfit dirty, which resulted in some pretty awkward sitting positions.

Also, I finally got a new bag. It was about time. I was even getting sick of taking photos with the blue Basque bag…IMG_0921

IMG_0930 IMG_0932

Boohoo White Dungaree (black here)

Alpha 60 T-Shirt (got bored one day and cut the sleeves off)

New Look Moto Jacket

Forever New Tote

Topshop Sneakers

Lovisa Chain

Armani Exchange Watch

The Not-So-Basic Basic


I was one of those lucky people who won those instagram competitions fashion labels host. I won an Elliot Label voucher worth $150, which I am so thankful for! And with my voucher I purchased this amazing cross over silk shirt. I have always wanted a sheer type blouse but I could never settle for an ordinary chiffon shirt. I believe that your basics don’t have to be basic. So the cross over draping of the shirt along with the cutout below the collar makes this the perfect not-so-basic basic. It’s all about the small details in an outfit: from a studded cuff to cutouts, they can dramatically change a look.

IMG_0841IMG_0846 IMG_0857

Elliot Label Shirt

Cheap Monday Jeans

Zara Booties (old)

Dotti Necklace (it used to be gold, I think I’m due for a new one)

Studs In All The Right Places


Today I was going through my bloglovin feed, as I do every five minutes, and I was inspired my people in summery blouses with necklaces under the collar. I have always loved this look, but being winter in Australia wearing a chiffon blouse will leave you with pneumonia. So I adapted this look to fit the weather by wearing my thick denim shirt (with two other layers underneath) with a statement necklace underneath.

I love how studs can look on an outfit. However, they can be quite overwhelming so I tend to only wear studded accessories. I felt a bit grungy with all the studded elements to my outfit, so I decided to wear my black trench coat to add a little more ‘class’ to my outfit. Having a classic winter coat is a must. I have had this coat for 6 years now and is still an active piece in my wardrobe. I am definitely one for statement or quirky pieces, but it is important to have the essentials.

This bag has been worn out in my blog posts I am well aware – but I love it! I’m thinking I need the other colours…



Topshop Denim Shirt

Jay Jays Jeans

Cotton On Necklace

Camberwell Market Cuff

Basque Tote

Misshop Coat (similar here)

Ego and Greed Platforms

Christina Exie


It’s been a while since I’ve done an article on a designer. I absolutely love fashion journalism so I thought I would get back into it. I had previously done reviews on well-established designers such as Jason Wu and Marc Jacobs. These designers have enough opinions and analysis’ floating around the internet. So I thought I would instead target low key and upcoming designers; whether they are local Australian designers or newly established international brands. I find that new brands are their most adventurous at the beginning: experimenting with obscure silhouettes, fabric combinations and interesting textures. I will give brief overviews of the collection and/or designer, and list my three favourite elements of the collection. If there are any designers you’d like me to critique, please tell me on my contact page. I want to cater to what my readers like (for those of you who do read my blog!)

The designer I’d like to profile today is Christina Exie – the winner of the fourth season of Project Runway. These types of televised competitions rarely produce successful winners that have long and prosperous careers, but Christina’s Bass SS13/14 Collection, which made its way down the Mercedes Benz runway in Sydney this year, proved that her talents have far outstretched the TV series. Christina Exie will definitely be one to look out for not only in Australia, but on an international scale.

Bass is sci-fi chic; being matrix inspired. Christina’s profile quotes that “Christina Exie garment boasts the highest quality fabric, technique and construction” which is true with her use of plastic neon netting, leather and mesh fabrics to construct silhouettes which ranged from outrageous peplum silhouettes to sleek, squared, floor length lines.

My favourite three elements:

1. From Trash to Treasure

Some of Christina’s pieces could have started out as a garbage bag, but flexing her fashion muscles, she was able to mould them into amazing pieces that could be transported off the runway

tghj tghjkjhvf   fghkjl; ghjgh

2. Detachable Peplum

Detachable peplum belt are one of my favourite tangents of the peplum trend. I already have two basic peplum belts. But Christina has transcended the traditional peplum to create an asymmetrical masterpiece that would make any plain outfit come to life. The diversity between the softer look of the sheer fabrics and the boldness of the stiff metallic make it ideal for every woman’s style.


3. Geometry

Christina actually states that her collection was inspired by the visibility of sound – hence the title ‘Bass’ – studying the movement of particles that shows them scatter in various geometric patterns. The geometry in her collection is not only apparent in the outlines of her pieces but on the garments themselves. The monochrome pants show off her creativity to go beyond the black stripe down the side: the combinations of circular, triangular and square shapes create interesting designs that are unlike any other. Also the ‘Digital’ vests and coats show a great contrast with circular netting combined with the squared, mandarin collar and overall outline of the garment.




To view the entire Bass collection and Christina’s previous collections visit her page here.

How Two Live: Embossed Jacket


Today it was absolutely freezing! And with the new jacket additions from the How Two Live sale now sitting in my wardrobe, it was the perfect opportunity to pull out this number. I have been looking endlessly for a textured bomber jacket these past couple of months. The hardest part wasn’t finding one I liked, but finding one that suited a students’ price range. I have eyed this Sportsgirl one for a while, but I never bought it; I think because it was a bit beyond my budget at the time. So you can imagine my excitement to see it on the HTL sale rack for $60 which was less than half the sale price. I literally ran up to it and ripped it off the rack. When I went to the change room another girl kept commenting on how nice it was; I told her I was definitely going to buy it since she kept following me around, I’m assuming hoping I would put it back. This jacket is so perfect for cold weather like today. It is quite thick, without looking overly bulky. Also, it’s perfect for days at uni because it is so comfortable, like a sports top, but looks quite chic – especially since its the faux leather is embossed with a kind of paisley pattern.

I am really like the white-on-white look these days; it has come up a few times in my recent blog posts. This jacket is perfect for this trend because of its ‘off-white’ colour, making a nice contrast to the starkness of pure white. Going with the white theme I decided to wear the few white accessories I have and paint my nails white: more out of procrastination than to compliment my outfit. I think I went a little overboard with the all-white nails. I think I’ll stick to a traditional french manicure. Also, I love the paisley the paisley with my scarf and jacket! It was planned though.

I hope everyone around the world is enjoying the summer months as opposed to the disgusting winter cold were experiencing here. I was so cold today, my face was in physical pain!

IMG_0646 IMG_0650 IMG_0655IMG_0614

Sportsgirl Bomber Jacket

  Wrangler Jeans

Portmans Basic Top

Florence Market Scarf

Joanne Mercer Boots

Sportsgirl Clutch

Iron Ore Necklace (gifted)

Armani Exchange Watch