The Pros of Retail


Today was the first day at my new job…in retail! I have been working in the hospitality industry for nearly 5 years – I was definitely due for a change. From cinemas, to juice, bars, restaurants and cafes to Bardot. I was a regular customer there, so being able to buy their clothes discounted and then claim on tax is perfect for me! I never really realised how dangerous it si to work in retail (regarding my hip pocket). When I am putting stock away, I am just hunting for my next purchase. And the list is getting increasingly long.

Today was my first day and I went for a more sporty look. These leather joggers were the best buy. They’re so comfortable, I feel like I’m wearing sweats. That was negated however by the shoes. I know I have worm them three posts in a row; but what can I say, I’m in love. And to get this look shop at Bardot! (not advertising, I’m just really excited about this new job). The change from black uniforms to basically the outfit of my choice is so liberating. I don’t know why I didn’t make the transition sooner.

IMG_1193 IMG_1194 IMG_1200 IMG_1201

Bardot Singlet

Bardot Leather Joggers

Deena & Ozzy Heels

Lovisa Chain

Armani Exchange Watch

Assorted Rings


Product Review: Ego and Greed ‘She Cray’


I recently bought the Ego and Greed Platform Sandal ‘She Cray’ off which can be viewed here

The shoe features baby spikes on a cap toe, fully covered wedge and cute ankle strap with a 3” platform.

It took me so long to find the shoe in the Black and Silver version in a size 8. So if any of you are looking out for this shoe go to; it has two other colours as well to choose from. It was also one of the cheapest options. Shoo Daddy also delivered my order within 10 days, which was in the scheduled period of delivery. This is excellent considering I live in Australia, and sometimes I have to wait over two weeks for an online order. They also arrived in excellent condition and were wrapped in protective wrapping which is not always the case.

The shoe itself is also excellent…that’s probably underselling it; I am in love with them! Despite the thick platform they are a really light shoe and a breeze to walk in. The ankle straps are the perfect size for my thin ankles, as I usually can’t buy sandals with ankle straps because they look ridiculously big. They allow a large variety of adjustments for wider and thinner ankles. Although I do believe that this shoe is designed for people with a skinnier foot, however, the shoe is leather so a wider foot will probably have to wear them in to allow the leather to stretch. The metal studs on the front and back of the sandal are quite blunt so they won’t ever hurt anyone who comes in contact with the shoes.

One thing I advise about the shoe is that it does run a little small. I am usually a 7 ½ or 38, but I bought a size 8. Luckily though if the shoe isn’t a perfect fit, there is an open back to the sandal which allows more room.

Overall, this shoe is close to perfect. They  will give a grungy look to any outfit and can be worn with midi or mini skirts and dresses, jeans, tights, socks…anything! I can’t wait to style them in a new outfit post, so keep posted in the next few days for an example of how they can be styled.

IMG_5328 IMG_5327 IMG_5326

Family lunch


I went to my family friends’ house for homemade pizzas today – a way to serenade the new pizza oven. My favourite was the prosciutto, rocket and buffalo mozzarella, and the sliced fig and ricotta pizza – which I originally thought would be disgusting but now I have a new likeness for fruit on pizza…

I couldn’t find the right necklace to go with this outfit so I took the handle off my sisters handbag and linked the ends together. I think the important thing about fashion is being open minded about your clothing, and not afraid of experimenting. This seems to be the running theme with the pizza and outfit…


Ziggy Slime Green Sticks and Bones Jeans

Supre Black Shoe String Tank

Finders Keepers Gold Mesh Top

Joanne Mercer Leather and Metal Sandals

Collette Leather Bag Chain (as necklace)

Lazy Day Attire

I didn’t have any occassions today or go anywhere exciting, but I felt bad that I didn’t do a post yesterday so I thought I would just post my outfit from today (mostly so I can shoe off my JC sneakers and newly thrifted jeans). I am quite proud of how i distressed the pants a little on the right leg, but now im thinking i want to put a tear in the knee..I don’t know. Thoughts?

The jeans are a little big for me as well, so I’ll have to ask my Nonna to take them in for me. I really need to learn how to sew. My mind explodes just thinking about all the things I have wanted to make!

H&M short sleeve cotton top in Nude $15.00

Jeffrey Campbell HOMG Sneakers in Nude $80.00

Thrifted Boyfriend Jeans (savers) $10.00

Brown Leather Backpack (eBay) $14.00

Jason Wu, I love Yu

Jason Wu Spring/Summer Collection 2013

Unfortunately I am one of the many people who couldn’t attend New York Fashion week (location being an obvious issue). But I made sure to watch the fashion shows just the same, trying to imagine that I was there. There has been countless articles describing the up and coming fashion trends of 2013 but when I saw Jason Wu’s Spring/Summer Collection (thank god for youtube) I had to sing its praises myself. Everything about his collection – the leather, the harnesses, the cut outs, the black, the lace, the studs – I am in love with. It does have an overall erotic charge to the collection which gives the impression that the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon stretched not only to the minds of readers, but is influencing fashion trends. And if that is the case with Jason Wu’s newest collection, I never thought I would say this, but thankyou E.L. James!

I want to talk about a few of my favourite things about this collection. I could rant on forever because I actually want every single piece in this collection but I’ll pick my top five favourite elements of his new collection.

No. 1: Kinky Leather Bondage

This design decision practically screamed the Fifty Shades of Grey Playroom (for those who read the book you know what I’m talking about). I have being eying off harnesses recently but always approached it with caution. I liked the idea of a harness, but I had no idea how to wear it. Thank you Jason Wu for giving me excellent ideas. I never realised how well they can frame an outfit. I think the key with a harness is so create a simple design with no superfluous belts and buckles that eclipse the other garments.

No. 2: High Waists

I am a high waist enthusiast. I cannot walk past a pair of high waisted shorts which explains my 6 pairs of high waisted shorts, 7 pairs of high waisted jeans and 3 high waisted skirts. And Jason Wu’s entire collection included items cut at the waist. Whether it be high waisted trousers or shorts, or dresses belted at the waist. I love high waisted designs because they accentuate my small waist whilst giving people the illusion that I actually have curves.

No. 3: Cut It Out

I really enjoy cut outs in clothing. Mostly because I don’t have the body to pull off the low cut neckline (small boob problems). So the cut out style is my solution when I want to show a little skin. Also I think it gives a grungy and more aggressive look as opposed to the sexy look a low cut v line gives. And like every girl I love to look sexy, but I guess I have a different idea about what sexy is. But I can definitely say Jason Wu’s cut out design are out of this world sexy

No. 4: Combinations

I love how he combined different fabrics to create different textures and layers. My favourite is the leather teamed with the transparent mesh. It is a clear example of the kinky trend he created without being so overtly erotic with plain black leather. Also the combination of the black leather with lace gives a more sophisticated style.  Jason Wu really played up a soft/hard dynamic which gave his grunge style a classy finish. I am now totally going to experiment more with my leather shorts!

No. 5: Underwear As Outwear

The corset seamed dresses and structured underwear gave an old world feel to the garments. I am a huge fan of corseted seamed tops and dresses. I have a few of my own, mine are in floral print or block colours, but I love the idea of the corset in leather. I think the fact that Jason Wu waters down the heavy leather look with softer fabrics is what makes the leather corset succeed.

And can I just say I need this dress in my life. Shame for the hefty price tag: coming in at approx.. £3,000. Cmon tattslotto!

I am not trying to be a fashion expert, I just comment on what I see and write what I think.