H&M has had some spectacular collaborations over the past decade – from the luxury designer brands such as Roberto Cavalli and Versace to celebrity collaborations with the likes of Madonna and Kylie Minogue. But this newly announced collaboration with Isabel Marant, expected to launch on the 14th of November this year, is possibly the most exciting yet. With the celebrity and designer collaborations selling out within hours of stock being put on the shelves, Isabel Marant’s collection will surely adhere to the tradition – having created such a stir within hours of the collaboration being announced. This is definitely a monumental occasion on the 2013 fashion calendar.

The collection will feature clothing and accessories for men and women. Isabel Marant gave a short indication of the direction of her collection saying, “I aim to create something real, that women want to wear in their everyday lives, with a certain carelessness, which I think is very Parisian: you dress up, but do not pay too much attention and still look sexy. The collection is infused with this kind of easiness and attitude. Everything can be mixed following one’s own instincts: my take on fashion is all about personality.” Although she says she represents the “French girl”, Isabel’s designers has transcended national borders and touched the hearts and wardrobes of girls and women all over the world. This collaboration with such a successful and accessible brand will allow the whole world to own their very own Marant piece that they would have previously lusted over – I know I have.

Unfortunately, there are only murmurs of H&M coming to Australia in time for the collaboration. I think I might have to make a special trip otherwise to take a peek at the new collection for myself; hopefully bringing home a few.

Below are a few previews of H&M’s previous collaborations.

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Comme des Garcons:


How Two Live!


I was beyond excited when Jess and Steph Daddon of How Two Live announced they were having a huge sale of their clothing! Of course this included a meet and greet as well, and honestly, that’s what I was more excited about. I have been following these girls for the past couple of months in absolute awe of them, and the fact I get to see them in person is like someone meeting their favourite sports player. But of course I took advantage of the array of amazing clothes – some of them have been to some of the coolest fashion events and shows.

I was super keen and lined up for event an hour before doors opened. I wanted to be first in so I could grab all the stuff I wanted first. When it comes to clothing sales, it is serious business. I felt a little awkward since I was the only one waiting that wasn’t 15 years old and wearing jelly sandals. I did want to dress well for the occasion because I did want them to notice my outfit. Which they did! They told me they loved my pants; I died.

In the end I ended up getting a off white embossed bomber jacket, faux fur jacket, pink stitch kimono cape and a baulch statement necklace. All for $200! And I can’t wait to do some outfit posts with them, so look forward to that. I ended up finding the matching shorts to the kimono on eBay, so fingers crossed I get them and I’ll have the entire ensemble. One disappointment was that they didn’t have the Jeffrey Campbell Stingers on sale, but they would be crazy to let them go.

All in all a fantastic day and I’m in love with all my purchases.

IMG_0578 IMG_0595 IMG_0588 IMG_0582 IMG_0565

Topshop Pants

Sportsgirl Knit

H&M T-Shirt

Tony Bianco Flatforms

Lovisa Necklace

Dinner Disasters


Tonight I thought it would be cute to go have a nice dinner on Lygon St. with my mum while we waited for my sister to finish her singing lesson because I know she has been stressed and anxious between family issues, work, uni and organizing my dad’s birthday extravaganza. I usually go the main part of Lygon, but we decided to try something a little different and went down the opposite end. We went to a restaurant called Zia Terra’s: first disaster. We walked in the door, expecting a somewhat friendly waiter to take us to our seats considering the price of the food, but instead we were greeted by some old bitter Italian woman saying “yes?” to us as if we were unwelcome.

Second disaster: I showed my mum some paper work I was really excited about completely ignoring the small tea candle on the table. Next thing I know the whole sheets alight. I tried to blow it out which exacerbated the fire, which then fell on my skirt. I then threw it on the carpet floor where my mum frantically was stamping on it. Needless to say we were left embarrassed and the already bitter waitress not impressed. (No carpet or pants were harmed in these events)

Third Disaster: My mother and I were then re-escorted to a new table but received no menus. It took me 5 minutes and asking 2 waiters for menus before we finally got some. Up until this point we were feeling a little crappy about the place, but it was made up for by the beautiful food. We started with Mushroom Arancini which were heavenly; followed by a slow cooked lamb for mum and rabbit in congac for me. It was food heaven.

Fourth Disaster: after dinner I decided to take a few snaps of my outfit (as seen) but when me and my mum went to stand up and move to a better location in the restaurant the waitress came up to us and started asking what we were doing; implying a dine and dash. I couldn’t have dashed even if I wanted to in these heels! So we just took some bar nuts, paid the bill and left. Lucky I got a few snaps while it was light outside before we left.

I guess we can safely say I don’t think I want to return to that restaurant. I don’t think they’ll let me due to the fact I’m a potential fire hazard.

For my outfit I was feeling like following the Monochrome trend. Also I have been coveting my sister’s fur vest so I thought it would accentuate the small trims of black on the skirt and the black backing of my boots. I also love the small details on this outfit: from the criss cross pattern on my boots to the laced sleeve on my plain white tee. IMG_0402 IMG_0396 IMG_0397 IMG_0405 IMG_0404IMG_0422

Siss & Co. Fur Vest

H&M Detailed Sleeve T-Shirt

Bardot White Circle Skirt

Tony Bianco Averty Boots

Gifted Iron Ore Necklace

Sportsgirl Tweed Bag

Interview & Free Coffee



Today I had my interview, on Lygon st. I feel like I live there now between all the times I’ve been there with my boyfriend and uni friends in the past month…they’re probably starting to recognize me. They kept the interview very casual, taking me to Brunettis, a popular Italian cafe. It really helped my nerves to be able to hold onto a coffee cup instead of fidget nervously with my hands; and who can argue with a free coffee. I think it went well, but they said I’ll know by next week sometime. So fingers crossed, and I’ll keep you posted!

I met up with my boyfriend afterwards and we went to the same cafe as in my previous post…and got the same dish. I told you we couldn’t wait long. I didn’t want to look so formal when I met up with my boyfriend so I packed a cute cropped knit to wear with my skirt to make it more casual. It’s amazing what a difference one item of clothing can change your outfit. I didn’t end up taking a photo of my outfit with the blazer because I was too nervous to think about an outfit post at that stage. But here is a photo of my blazer, how lovely is it!


It gives such a grand statement compared to the traditional black blazer. People should not be afraid to stray from black blazers, especially in the workplace. A blazer, whether it be royal blue or neon green or floral print, will always give a sense of class and sophistication to any outfit.

Here’s some blazers im coveting at the moment; which can all be purchased here at The Iconic:

Sass-%26-Bide-Two-Dimensions-Jacket-6035-30199-1-zoom Stylestalker-Galactica-Blazer-1698-30449-1-zoom Finders-Keepers-Remember-A-Day-Jacket-5182-63149-1-zoom Pink-Stitch-Straighty-Jacket-4999-38329-1-zoom

Sass & Bide Two Dimensions Jacket; Style Stalker Galactica Jacket; Finders Keepers Remember A Day Jacket; Pink Stitch Straighty Jacket

059 067 060

H&M Crop Knit

Bardot Skirt

Wittner Boots

Equip Necklace

(Audrey Blazer from Nasty Gal)