Today was another lazy day for me. I have to say I’m enjoying my time off, but I do miss being busy. To reflect my current mood I went for a super compfy outfit for today: boyfriend jeans and an oversized boys tee. Of course I needed to bling it up with a statement necklace and some cool shoes. I actually made the necklace myself – inspired by the Kids necklace in my “New Kids On The Block” post. They don’t stock the colour I requested so I decided to make my own. I loved the whole process, however simple it was. But it got me thinking about future DIY jewelry designs. I am feeling a little inspired. I was even looking up jewerly design and construction courses. Now that I have time off for the next month or so it would be the perfect opportunity. I guess we shall see….

IMG_1149 IMG_1159 IMG_1153 IMG_1185

Thifted Boyfriend Jeans

Cotton On Mens T-Shirt

Deena & Ozzy Heels

Colette Hayman Bag

DIY Necklace


DIY Texture

I bought this khaki midi dress the other day, as I have developed a new obsession with khaki. I don’t really know why I was so late to discover this colour, but I find that it compliments my olive complexion. And I decided to wear it just to meet a couple of friends in the city, we planed on going to the Botanical Gardens, so a green seemed to be an appropriate colour. I teamed it with a basic crop denim jacket, but I just wasn’t feeling it, it seemed too basic and bland. So what I decided to do was use a hair tie and grab a small bunch of material on the inside of the dress and tie a small knot, creating a diagonal folding pattern across the stomach which I think evoked a bit more excitement.

I always have so much fun tweeking my outfits like that: whether it be cutting jeans into shorts or adding texture to dresses. I think I might post a bit more of my DIY things on here. I have a draw full of garments I intend to alter because I don’t particularly like them anymore (I’ll finally have some motivation to get started on them).

Sometimes I actually like getting a simple cut dress like this because it means i can wear them as they are or temporarily alter them like I have done here. Hope you guys like it.

Supre Khaki Midi Dress

Forever New Crop Denim Jacket

Joanne Mercer Lace Up Leather Boots

Iron Ore Pendant on Leather Band