Bold & Beautiful


There’s no rule that you only have to wear one statement item. Sometimes more is more. So I was feeling bold in this mono print coat along with my heavy wrist wear. I chose the structured brick background because it reflected the brick-like print on my coat. The monochromatic print and the rigid structure of my coat contrasted well with the brown and red tones of the brick behind me – but I’m not hear to talk about photography.

I need to make a separate mention for my Elixir The Label Epiphany Cuff that weighs down my wrist. I cannot explain how lucky I am to have one this amazing piece along with the High Stride Necklace from an Instagram competition from Melbourne bloggers Jess and Steph Daddon of How Two Live. I have been lusting over anything Elixir for months and months now. The price tag however doesn’t fall under the regular student budget. Someone out there has definitely answered my prayers! So a massive thank you is needed for How Two Live and Save The Last Pinker (stockists).

Also a birthday shout out to my amazing boyfriend. I love you, and I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Round one down, and two rounds this weekend to go!



Bardot    Singlet

Nasty Gal Jeans

Elixir Cuff

Zu Boots

Forever New Tote


Feeling Oriental


Today there was the slightest ray of sunshine during the winter months so I thought I would go for a more summery look today – somewhat wishful thinking since it was still freezing outside.

I haven’t pulled out this Kimono from my wardrobe until today. I was always so afraid of wearing it because it looked so much like a oriental bed robe. But I remembered that’s what I loved about the piece originally. It’s the prefect accessory to dress up any plain t-shirt and jeans outfit. And with the wind blowing, as the cape flew up my back, it sure created a statement. With only basics to accompany it, I wanted to let the kimono be the shining element.

IMG_1238 IMG_1242 IMG_1253 IMG_1265

Pink Stitch Kimono

Bardot Jeans

Portmans Basic Top

Portmans Waist Belt

Tony Bianco Platforms (similar here)

Hermes Inspired Cuff (eBay)

Feeding A Small Army


A couple of nights ago my parents took me out to dinner to get me out of the house during my exam studies. I had been under so much pressure that a shouted calorie fest was just what I needed. Plus, I really needed to get out of my Addidas track pants and oversized soccer t-shirt.

Going to the restaurant with very empty stomachs, we did order one entree between us and a main each. Little did we know the portion size of each main was enough to feed three people. Just as the title suggests it was enough to feed a small army. But being an Italian family we were up for the challenge. Lucky my pants were loose.

Also, I am probably so behind but I am totally loving these Hermes cuffs that are on trend right now. I had seen a lot in black or white, but as soon as I saw an orange and gold I knew I had to get it. I probably have a little bit of an obsession with orange at the moment. I am currently hunting for an orange tassel necklace. The one I posted in my previous post seems to be a winner.

P.S. I feel bad that I waited over a week to do an outfit post, but exams have been a massive suck of time. But now I’m finished and hopefully updating outfits everyday.

IMG_1031 IMG_1038 IMG_1048 IMG_1041

Topshop Pants

Stussy Tank (similar here)

Vintage Leather Jacket

Hermes Inspired Cuff

Sportsgirl Sunglasses

Kouture Wedges

New KIDS On The Block


I love jewelry and what girl doesn’t. However life as a teenage student with a part time job in hospitality does have its limitations when purchasing jewelry. I would love to sport a Dylanlex neck piece or the super chic Cartier bangles, but alas, $15 an hour doesn’t get me that far. I love statement jewelry, especially when it is made with unusual materials: like a neon tassel or rope. The right statement piece of jewelry, a necklace in particular, can give transform an outfit. It can give luxe to a bohemian look, bring a pop of colour to a monochromatic outfit, or bring an old tee (found in the back of the closet) to life. And now I have finally found what combines with love for out there, statement pieces and my tiny sized coin purse. Meet Kids.

This custom made jewelry store based in Australia has an amazing supply of necklaces and bracelets for anyone’s taste. From fun and quirky neon tassels to chunky metallic, they have it all. Going from as low as the $9 Jangles bracelet reaching a peak price of only a $35 necklace; what’s not to love. Also, the fact they are Australian is even more exciting. I love being able to support Australian brands; especially since they’re not usually as internationally recognized.

Here is a preview of my current wishlist.


1. Xena Necklace – Silver

2. Neon Nights – Orange & Yellow

3. Musketeers Chocker – Neon Orange

4. Seafoam Chocker – Black


H&M has had some spectacular collaborations over the past decade – from the luxury designer brands such as Roberto Cavalli and Versace to celebrity collaborations with the likes of Madonna and Kylie Minogue. But this newly announced collaboration with Isabel Marant, expected to launch on the 14th of November this year, is possibly the most exciting yet. With the celebrity and designer collaborations selling out within hours of stock being put on the shelves, Isabel Marant’s collection will surely adhere to the tradition – having created such a stir within hours of the collaboration being announced. This is definitely a monumental occasion on the 2013 fashion calendar.

The collection will feature clothing and accessories for men and women. Isabel Marant gave a short indication of the direction of her collection saying, “I aim to create something real, that women want to wear in their everyday lives, with a certain carelessness, which I think is very Parisian: you dress up, but do not pay too much attention and still look sexy. The collection is infused with this kind of easiness and attitude. Everything can be mixed following one’s own instincts: my take on fashion is all about personality.” Although she says she represents the “French girl”, Isabel’s designers has transcended national borders and touched the hearts and wardrobes of girls and women all over the world. This collaboration with such a successful and accessible brand will allow the whole world to own their very own Marant piece that they would have previously lusted over – I know I have.

Unfortunately, there are only murmurs of H&M coming to Australia in time for the collaboration. I think I might have to make a special trip otherwise to take a peek at the new collection for myself; hopefully bringing home a few.

Below are a few previews of H&M’s previous collaborations.

MarniHMLookBook16_V_17feb12_pr_b_426x639H-M-Kylie-Minogue-fashion--26-celebrity-65074_1024_768versace_abbey10 comme-des-garcon-hm-05




Comme des Garcons:

Christina Exie


It’s been a while since I’ve done an article on a designer. I absolutely love fashion journalism so I thought I would get back into it. I had previously done reviews on well-established designers such as Jason Wu and Marc Jacobs. These designers have enough opinions and analysis’ floating around the internet. So I thought I would instead target low key and upcoming designers; whether they are local Australian designers or newly established international brands. I find that new brands are their most adventurous at the beginning: experimenting with obscure silhouettes, fabric combinations and interesting textures. I will give brief overviews of the collection and/or designer, and list my three favourite elements of the collection. If there are any designers you’d like me to critique, please tell me on my contact page. I want to cater to what my readers like (for those of you who do read my blog!)

The designer I’d like to profile today is Christina Exie – the winner of the fourth season of Project Runway. These types of televised competitions rarely produce successful winners that have long and prosperous careers, but Christina’s Bass SS13/14 Collection, which made its way down the Mercedes Benz runway in Sydney this year, proved that her talents have far outstretched the TV series. Christina Exie will definitely be one to look out for not only in Australia, but on an international scale.

Bass is sci-fi chic; being matrix inspired. Christina’s profile quotes that “Christina Exie garment boasts the highest quality fabric, technique and construction” which is true with her use of plastic neon netting, leather and mesh fabrics to construct silhouettes which ranged from outrageous peplum silhouettes to sleek, squared, floor length lines.

My favourite three elements:

1. From Trash to Treasure

Some of Christina’s pieces could have started out as a garbage bag, but flexing her fashion muscles, she was able to mould them into amazing pieces that could be transported off the runway

tghj tghjkjhvf   fghkjl; ghjgh

2. Detachable Peplum

Detachable peplum belt are one of my favourite tangents of the peplum trend. I already have two basic peplum belts. But Christina has transcended the traditional peplum to create an asymmetrical masterpiece that would make any plain outfit come to life. The diversity between the softer look of the sheer fabrics and the boldness of the stiff metallic make it ideal for every woman’s style.


3. Geometry

Christina actually states that her collection was inspired by the visibility of sound – hence the title ‘Bass’ – studying the movement of particles that shows them scatter in various geometric patterns. The geometry in her collection is not only apparent in the outlines of her pieces but on the garments themselves. The monochrome pants show off her creativity to go beyond the black stripe down the side: the combinations of circular, triangular and square shapes create interesting designs that are unlike any other. Also the ‘Digital’ vests and coats show a great contrast with circular netting combined with the squared, mandarin collar and overall outline of the garment.




To view the entire Bass collection and Christina’s previous collections visit her page here.

Louis Vuitton Fall Winter Ready-To-Wear 2013-14


With Paris Fashion Week coming to a close, Marc Jacobs presented is designs for Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter line in spectacular fashion. Steering away from the bold prints and colours of his previous collections for Louis Vuitton and created a Blanch Dubois (A Streetcar Named Desire) inspired intimates as daywear collection. This was showcased in the most appropriate setting, being a luxurious hotel corridor – as the collection seems to illustrate a woman described perfect by Max Sortino from Vogue Italia, “A bourgeois woman leaving a hotel after a fleeting rendez-vous, clad in the first piece of clothing she gets her hands on”. Thus, classifying it as a ready to wear collection has never been more appropriate. Marc Jacobs has allowed women to do the ‘walk of shame’ in a most stylish and unshameful way.

The theme of the collection doesn’t involve an array of different types of garments; the main two being the slip dress and floor length statement coats. Whilst the slip dresses weren’t as diverse in terms of colours, prints and textures, Marc Jacobs made up for with his beautiful coat designs: from the classic long fur coat to the men’s inspired tweed wrap coats and everything in between. The coats layered with textures seem to be the stand outs of the show. A lovely pink satin coat with fur lining and a checkered wool coat with an ombre feathered bottom showcased Marc Jacob’s talent in successfully combining two very contrasting fabrics.


The fact that these coats seemed to drown the models adds to the illusion of “the night after”, as it almost hints wearing the man’s clothes (coat), which is not uncommon in various movie scenes in hotel rooms such as this.

ImageHidden beneath the long coats was a beautiful slip dress did not maintain the plain style of the traditional slip dress nightgown, rather glowing with embellishments, lace trimmings, patterned chiffon and printed velvet which made turned this dress from pyjamas to an image of grace, style, sophistication and also sex appeal. Whilst the all-gold maxi slip dress displayed class, the long sleeve black lace slip created an image of a waiting to treat her man.


Marc Jacobs never disappoints with his Louis Vuitton Collections, not only did he created a masterful collection that appeals to the romantic hearts of women, but also provided his audience with a show, with a story, that fully envelops the theme of his collection.