New Adventures

I have decided to move away from Atypical Look and start something a little different.

I have created a new blog: Queen of Acc (accessories) which is also on bloglovin.

It is still pretty raw since I only made it 3 minutes ago, but I have planned it out for a while and have so many ideas and future ambitions, so I hope you follow me while I take on a new cyber adventure.

Here is a preview of things to come on the new blog.




New KIDS On The Block


I love jewelry and what girl doesn’t. However life as a teenage student with a part time job in hospitality does have its limitations when purchasing jewelry. I would love to sport a Dylanlex neck piece or the super chic Cartier bangles, but alas, $15 an hour doesn’t get me that far. I love statement jewelry, especially when it is made with unusual materials: like a neon tassel or rope. The right statement piece of jewelry, a necklace in particular, can give transform an outfit. It can give luxe to a bohemian look, bring a pop of colour to a monochromatic outfit, or bring an old tee (found in the back of the closet) to life. And now I have finally found what combines with love for out there, statement pieces and my tiny sized coin purse. Meet Kids.

This custom made jewelry store based in Australia has an amazing supply of necklaces and bracelets for anyone’s taste. From fun and quirky neon tassels to chunky metallic, they have it all. Going from as low as the $9 Jangles bracelet reaching a peak price of only a $35 necklace; what’s not to love. Also, the fact they are Australian is even more exciting. I love being able to support Australian brands; especially since they’re not usually as internationally recognized.

Here is a preview of my current wishlist.


1. Xena Necklace – Silver

2. Neon Nights – Orange & Yellow

3. Musketeers Chocker – Neon Orange

4. Seafoam Chocker – Black

Balenciaga Spring Ready-To-Wear 2013


Designer Nicolas Guesquiere displayed a quite conservative palette for his Spring 2013 campaign; using monochromatic combinations, as well as dull blue, yellow and cream hues. Also using quite structured tailoring, the overall look of his line is quite sophisticated.

Tailored suits were a major part of Guesquiere’s collection. The suit pants and blazer ensemble featured a high waisted slim fit tailored suit pant and a double breasted long blazer. These suits were all in single block colours, and as they evolved into patterns and textures the suits went from macro to micro. Guesquiere adopting mini pencil skirts, even including a slight thigh slit in some of the pieces.  He also raised the printed blazers jackets to finish at the hip line to coincide with the short length of the skirt.


Despite the quite rigid tailoring of his pieces, Guesquiere stifled people by merging these clean lines with animation and movement. He continued his clean lines in his bodycon dress, asymmetrical skirts, and skater style skirts; but hemmed them with flamenco inspired ruffles. The ruffles were beating in sync with models walking them in contrast with the box tailored crop tees and streamline bodices of the dresses.


The asymmetrical and shapely hemlines continued throughout the show, although, a little more conservative than the flamenco ruffles.  He included a mild flamenco ruffle on one of his mini skirts, tear drop hems that blended with print of the fabric and handkerchief hems on skater skirts.


The beauty of this collection is that it combines the masculinity of the clean cut suits and the very feminine hem lines that creates sophistication and sex appeal.

Mum’s Birthday Dinner


Tonight was my mum’s 50th birthday and we went out to celebrate by eating her favourite cuisine… Thai – which received no complaints by me. I love all Asian food. I ordered the most amazing prawn dish. I completely embarrassed myself attempting to say the Thai name of the dish, I even tried to imitate the accent. Despite the minor embarrassment the dinner was quite a success. All the food was amazing! The only criticism was that it took a while to get out the dishes considering it wasn’t busy. Especially since my sister’s came out last and it was a salad. Wee all had a good laugh about it though since her meals always come out last.

Tonight I basically was a walking advertisement for Nasty Gal. My skirt and jacket both being from the site. It was the first time I wore the jacket since I had been previously apprehensive about looking a little ‘butch’ and scary. But I think the key is to pair it with something quite girly to even out, which made this skirt perfect.





Nasty Gal Get Down Skirt in Taupe

Nasty Gal Studded Moto Jacket in Black

Supre V-Neck Tshirt in Black

Glassons Ankle Boots with Double Zip in Black

Iron Ore and Sterling Silver Necklace

Asos Snakeskin Waist Belt in Silver

New Bag


Went into the city today and decided it was an appropriate time to debut my new Basque colour block bag. I am really into this bright blue colour. I initally wanted the Givenchy Antigona bag in blue, but i was about $2,000 short. I am absolute in love with this tote style though and want to get a red one soon – just waiting for pay day.

To my surprise I can actually walk for longer than 10 minutes in stiletto heels; it’s been a while since I wore a pair.

Also I thought I might be a bit more adventurous with my photos and took them in a nicer setting. Thank you to my sister for taking them. We had to pretend we were doing a shoot for her media project so it was socially acceptable.




Topshop Lace Crop Tee in Burgundy

Nasty Gal High Waisted Jeans in White

Joanne Mercer Silver Plated Sandal Heels in Black

Basque Colour Block Tote in Blue

Leather Belt from Eumundi Market Queensland