Bold & Beautiful


There’s no rule that you only have to wear one statement item. Sometimes more is more. So I was feeling bold in this mono print coat along with my heavy wrist wear. I chose the structured brick background because it reflected the brick-like print on my coat. The monochromatic print and the rigid structure of my coat contrasted well with the brown and red tones of the brick behind me – but I’m not hear to talk about photography.

I need to make a separate mention for my Elixir The Label Epiphany Cuff that weighs down my wrist. I cannot explain how lucky I am to have one this amazing piece along with the High Stride Necklace from an Instagram competition from Melbourne bloggers Jess and Steph Daddon of How Two Live. I have been lusting over anything Elixir for months and months now. The price tag however doesn’t fall under the regular student budget. Someone out there has definitely answered my prayers! So a massive thank you is needed for How Two Live and Save The Last Pinker (stockists).

Also a birthday shout out to my amazing boyfriend. I love you, and I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Round one down, and two rounds this weekend to go!



Bardot    Singlet

Nasty Gal Jeans

Elixir Cuff

Zu Boots

Forever New Tote


Birthday On Southbank


It was my best friend’s birthday tonight so we ventured out to Southbank for a nice birthday dinner. Southbank has some of the most extravagant and expensive restaurants where spending hundreds on lobster is the norm. We however, went to a pub-type place where they specialize in American food: and we regret nothing. We all got mini Wagu Beef Burgers (3 on each plate), grilled broccolini and two different types of fries. It was like an upmarket diner. For any of those who are interested it was called The Merrywell. Just remember to where loose pants. And we didn’t stop there, we continued to consume cocktails and three types of cake for dessert. Definitely hitting the gym tomorrow!

I knew it was going to be a nice night, but since I am always 15 degrees colder than everyone it seems, I wore a midi skirt. They seem to be a running theme in most of my outfits. I love mini skirts as much as the next person, but midi skirts I find to be just as, or even more sexy. The front slit in the dress made it easier for me to walk up the stairs unlike the midi skirt I wore here which bound my legs together.

Here’s a small collection of photos from the night. Only having an iPhone means my opportunities to get nice photos is very limited to daylight.







ASOS Skirt

eBay Jacket

Tony Bianco Platforms

American Apparel Crop Top

Lovisa Chain

Basque Tote

Forest Green


Today was a day off from uni and I didn’t take the opportunity to do the mound of homework and blog projects I had, but decided to socialise instead. (Well, I did take some time to try and find a new bag for uni so I wasn’t completely unproductive). This dress has been sitting in my closet for a while because I bought it during the hot summer days and haven’t got the chance to wear it. I love skater dresses, they’re so comfortable without looking like you’re lounging around at home in track pants. I decided to put it was this peplum belt because I felt like it would be nice to change it up from the usual skinny waist belts. Being another ASOS belt, I realised the majority of my belts are. They have such a variety for such a good price, check out some here, a good belt can make any outfit come alive.

I didn’t really have the right jacket to go with the outfit, but i needed one because I was freezing – story of my life. I have so many weird jacket, from neon green blazer to prince of bel air inspired parkas, but i don’t have a simple black jacket. I managed to find a cute moto jacket and a big lapel wrap coat on ebay. Some people don’t appreciate what nice clothes they have. So hopefully they will be previewed on the blog soon.

IMG_6470 IMG_6479 IMG_6482

ASOS Turtle Neck Dress

ASOS Peplum Belt

Joanne Mercer Leather Boots

Randsom Stockings

Lovisa Wishbone Necklace

Sit Down Dinner


Tonight was my first sit down dinner with my boyfriends family. I had met them all before and they’re all lovely, but because this was my first formal meal with them I had some urge to try and dress a little nicer. This was sort of weird since I have been over their house in just leggings and a tshirt with no make up on and they seem to react to me just fine. Even though I looked nice walking through the door, within minutes I had swapped my platforms for my boyfriends woolly bed socks, so the outfit seemed redundant. But as I always say: better to overdress than under dress.

It also seemed that the weather answered to my previous blog post and let me have one cold day to break the heat wave (which fit perfectly with the beautiful roast dinner we had). This called for some winter knits. I can’t wait to stock up on some knew knits this winter. Sportsgirl always have some really good ones so I might hit their stores tomorrow. I tried to not delve completely into my winter wardrobe and opted for  sweater with a nice open back, and chose to wear a midi skirt instead of a maxi or a pair of jeans with boots.




Tony Bianco Jacamo Wedge in Nude

Zara 3/4 Sleeve Backless Knit in White

Asos Midi A-Line Skirt in Black

Vintage Leather Western Style Belt from Eumundi Market

Lovisa Stone Necklace in Red