New Adventures

I have decided to move away from Atypical Look and start something a little different.

I have created a new blog: Queen of Acc (accessories) which is also on bloglovin.

It is still pretty raw since I only made it 3 minutes ago, but I have planned it out for a while and have so many ideas and future ambitions, so I hope you follow me while I take on a new cyber adventure.

Here is a preview of things to come on the new blog.




Fashion Foliage


Melbourne¬†has changed season dramatically from extreme heat to cold winds (well, it’s cold for me because I’m like a cold blooded lizard). so, I could finally bring out a pair of jeans and a scarf. I have a more mild obsession with scarves, now owning about 18 different colours and patterns.

I have been obsessing over green and orange lately so I decided to show off some of my recent purchases today. I especially love this statement necklace because it can double as a cool embellished collar on a high neck top.

These pants were also a little impulsive of me. I usually stick to block colours, but after a good tutorial at university I guess I was feeling a little confident and went for a bit of a shop in the city to celebrate – it’s dangerous going to uni in the city, so much temptation to spend money or either food or clothes…I need to get another job I think. I saw these pants sitting on the display table and just went for it and instantly fell in love. Three minutes and a card swipe later I was out the door with my twelfth pair of jeans.

IMG_6363 IMG_6366 IMG_6368 IMG_6367

Zara Paisely Printed Trousers in Green

Portmans Basic Long Sleeve Top in White

Zara Pearl and Rope Statement Necklace

Joanne Mercer Leather Lace Up Boots

Country Road Lightweight Scarf in Orange

Luella Woolen Trench Coat in Charcoal Grey

Seeing Spots


Another day at uni where the sun was so hot that you melted as soon as you stepped outside. Thank God my building has great hair conditioning, I’ve realised in these first couple of weeks that I actually need to bring a jacket to sit through my lectures without shivering. I swear the people that sit next to me must think I am a lizard.

Given the weather I thought I might wear a pair of shorts. I realised that I haven’t given a look with shorts yet. This is probably because I don’t really have many nice pairs that fit me well. These were a little big, but definitely wearable. This just gives me an excuse to go shopping!

As you can see I went with a spots theme today, I nearly even wore my black and silver studded belt, but it felt a bit overboard. In keeping with the theme are my rounded glasses, circular pendant and semi-circle heeled shoes. The shoes are a thrifted pair of old high school shoes to get me in the school spirit.


ImageMink Pink Spotted High Waisted Short in Black/White

Mink Pink Cut Out Singlet in Black

Eumundi Market Leather  Belt

Colette Studded Slouch Bag in Black/Silver

Recycled Black Leather High School Shoes in Black

Gifted Rose Stone Necklace

Keep It Simple in Summer (KISS)


My favourite time of year is Autumn and Winter purely because I love the fashion: layering, scarves, hats and coats are my favourite. Summer is always a little bit of a struggle to keep my outfits interesting; especially since the weather has been 35 degrees everyday, all I want to do is walk around in my bikinis. So in an effort to be comfortable, primarily in the stinking hot days like today, I like to keep my outfits simpler.

Tonight I’m going out for dinner at a pub/bistro and I wanted to look a little sexier as you do on a night out. Despite what most people think, the shorter the dress does not translate to sexiness. I personally think maxi dresses are a perfect way to give a sophisticated sex appeal – form fitting maxi dresses are perfect for such occasions. And with the lightweight fabric this Topshop maxi is perfect to keep cool for the night. With a long necklace to dress up the outfit, I am set to go.




Topshop Sleeveless Maxi Dress in Blue

Lovisa Multichain Aztec Necklace in Silver

Tony Bianco Hybrid Wedge in Black

Basque Colour Block Tote Bag in Royal Blue