Sport Luxe Part II


I am absolute loving the ‘Sport Luxe’ look this season. T-shirts, jeans and joggers teamed with heels and accessorized seems to be a common theme among my outfits these past winter months. Possibly to do with the fact that in the cold weather all I want is comfort. Also, I like to look deceivingly athletic despite to create the illusion that I actually do have some muscle definition. All my purchases these past couple of weeks has helped to create this illusion; my favourite being leather joggers and a mint green tank top that makes me appear to have well defined abs. Can’t complain. So when I saw this jersey inspired oversized tee online I knew it would make the perfect addition to my newly ‘athletic’ wardrobe.

Another thing I love about this trend is that it reads ‘oh really this old thing? It’s just something I threw on’ but you know you secretly tried to look this good. No one has to know.

IMG_1275 IMG_1279 IMG_1283 IMG_1286 IMG_1292

Romwe T-Shirt

Wrangler Jeans

Tony Bianco Boots (On Sale!!!)

Forever New Tote

Rubi Sunglasses

Assorted Rings


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